Carbonmade: internal tools

Besides building The Carbonmade, we were making great internal tools – things we used on a daily basis.

internal tools
UI/UX, pictures, front-end

Theme Buddy

This is your new bff – Theme buddy. He will help you to craft your own theme, point out to your errors and put your codes on the Internets. He is built with React and human hands .

Carbonmade Dashboard

Internal dashboard – collection of most our apps and tools.

Support System

Our support department has a place for looking up stuff to keep our users happy.

Dashboard reflects complete user’s activity and is very handy for troubleshooting reported bugs, performing usability reviews and many more.

Lunch arrangements

We were practicing equal lunch seating opportunities at @carbonmade, therefore, I made a seating randomizer app! It has a pizza* logo, obviously.

* though, we had more food options besides pizza.


We love moose, we love our Canadian copy creator Angela and we love emails! Why not combine this all together?

Emailmoose was the latest addition to the family of internal tools. It includes full transactional emails management, promotional campaigns command center, reports and other exciting things!