Carbonmade: product

Carbonmade is simple way to create a personalized online portfolio.

As a member of the core one and only team Carbonmade I actively participated in development of Portfolio Product, Network App, Messaging System, 7 new themes, list of internal tools and single-handedly kept all office plants alive.

Jan 2013 – Jan 2016
web app

New Carbonmade in the wild

Portfolio Admin

We developed a brand new and refreshed portfolio admin system.

Carbonmade Portfolio is cross-platform, cross-browser app – great on desktop and tablet-friendly. Network App and Messaging systems are responsive with complete functionality; list of portfolio features are accessible on mobile.

We smoothly transitioned ~ 1 million users to the new and improved experience. Delightful!

Live Portfolio Admin: sidebar transition into projects' manager. UI by James

Together with our design team we perfected workflows, designed interactions to provide best intuitive ways for users to create their portfolios.

Welcome screen. UI & illustration by James

Webcat Theme

Copybara Theme

Copybara is a mix of “capybara the animal” and “copy”, but really is a theme with no projects’ thumbnails and with support of text pieces. Theme also features “smart layout” - tiled image grid, because people don’t have uniform/wide enough images.

Landing page variations and project page with “smart” layout